Reset Printer Canon PIXMA MX310 or Canon MP160

Reset Printer Canon PIXMA MX310
Reset Printer Canon PIXMA MX310
The steps above resets the device in a factory, then, it accepted the refilled cartridge as the full original cartridge. Error messages have disappeared and are also the unwanted "memory received" faxes repealed. Reset of course also means that then the individual settings such as language, Date, your own number must be reset. The multifunction machine was refilled or no-name Cartridges equipped, denied the work and reports cartridge error etc.
  • Leave the cartridges in the device
  • Turn off the printer using the on/off button. 
  • Keep the reset button pressed and press the on/off button now also. After 5 seconds, release the reset and press these 2X.
  • Release now the on/off button. "Service mode" should be read in the display. If the on/off the light permanent green light, press the rest button with short breaks, 3X. After that, the indicator should light (▲) orange display. The printer is reinitialized.
  • Now open the printer and press the On / Off button. Remove the cartridges and reinsert them within 20 - 30 sec. Leave the door open until "is open" appears in the display
  • Now the printer with the on/off switch off button and turn on again
  • Keep the paper door open so that the printer through can pull a sheet.
  • Now set the language and country. 
Everything should work again. If not try the following method:
  • Disconnect the mains plug
  • Hold down the ON / OFF button and the power plug again.
  • When still holding ON/OFF button, press the button (Stop / Cancel, right, red circle with red triangle) twice
  • Release the ON / OFF button.
  • The printer goes into some sort of "factory mode". Wait a few seconds, the display will show "Idle".
  • Press the ">" key on the right of the OK key once. The "Shipping Mode 3" screen appears.
  • Press the OK key once.
  • The "Without Cleaning" screen appears, confirm with OK.
  • A test page is printed.
  • After printing, open the lid as for ink change.
  • Pull the mains plug.
  • Remove both ink cartridges.
  • Close the cover.
  • Reconnect the mains plug.
  • Turn on the unit.
  • Replace the refilled, full ink cartridges.
  • Set the device settings (language, date, etc.).

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